Orange Beach, AL Fish Species

Common Questions

What fish do you catch in Orange Beach Alabama?

In the rich waters of Orange Beach, Alabama, Reel Fishin' Charters, led by Captain Richard, offers the opportunity to reel in a diverse array of prized catches. From the thrilling pursuit of red snapper to the excitement of inshore and offshore fishing, our charters cater to a variety of species. Expect encounters with redfish, snapper, cobia, and more, as we navigate the Gulf under Captain Richard's expert guidance. Join us for an adventure where every cast holds the promise of a memorable catch!

What is biting in Orange Beach?

At Reel Fishin' Charters, under the expert guidance of Captain Richard, an exciting array of catches is currently biting in the vibrant waters of Orange Beach. From the prized red snapper to the thrilling pursuit of inshore species, our recent charters have seen a diverse range of bites.

What is the most common fish in Alabama?

In the vibrant waters of Alabama, the red snapper takes center stage as one of the most common and sought-after fish. At Reel Fishin' Charters, led by Captain Richard, we specialize in navigating the Gulf to bring anglers face-to-face with these prized catches.